My Jenn-Air Experience

In 2009 I bought what I thought was a “top of the line” range from a well known company, Jenn-Air. I took out an extra 5 year warranty along with it. Model JDR880 RDS-1,  Serial #RY0810066. I immediately had problems with the plastic knobs getting too warm that were placed right about the oven vent and oven door. I contacted Jenn-Air and was told I would have to buy new knobs on my own because knobs are not covered in the warranty. ONE 1.5 inch plastic knob cost $28. I slowly had to replace all 5 knobs at least 4 times throughout the years. I contacted Jenn-Air in 2012, 2013 and again in 2014. NO RESPONSE. On Thanksgiving day 2014, 30 minutes before the turkey was done, I tried to turn off the cooktop flame and the knob had melted off. I was without a knob to turn the flame off. The cooktop flame was on high and we couldn’t shut it off even with a pliers. The turkey and all items on the cooktop had to be removed and with flame going and hot oven we pulled the range out of the wall and shut off the gas line. Our Thanksgiving was ruined and we no longer had a range. I decided to look online and found several complaints to Jenn-Air about their use of plastic knobs and their refusal to compensate people that have had fires and/or accidents. I have tried several times to get some sort of compensation from them but they have continued to lie on Facebook (for the public to see) and refuse to contact me. They seem to say “I’m sorry” to everyone that complains. Just check out their Facebook posts here:   They are owned by Whirlpool. #dontbuyjennair



NOTE: Just got a call from Jenn-Air. Are you READY FOR THIS?? She said they could not issue any kind of a refund because I did not buy the range directly from them and therefore no money was exchanged. Also if I wanted to try to initiate a recall, someone would have had to die. Yes, this is word for word.

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5 Responses to My Jenn-Air Experience

  1. Ingrid says:

    Good for you posting this, you are telling the truth and I hope at some point they will make good on this, but lets not hold our breath till then. If it happens we will celebrate with a good cup of Coffee or a Latte.

    • Such an inept company!! They just sent an email to ME and not to the dept that should be getting it. It said “Can someone please contact the following consumer about her range? She says that she still has the unit and would like to speak to someone about it.”

  2. Ingrid says:

    Yes that was not meant for you that’s for sure.

  3. noblevestaldoodles says:

    Could you not pull the knob off one of the other burners to use temporarily to turn off the burner?

    I wonder if there is a die-cast metal smith that could make you stainless steal knobs?

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